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In a recent decision arising out of an overtime pay case filed on behalf of a class of welding inspectors who earned more than $100,000 in total pay per year, an appeals court addressed the issue of whether or not such earnings were “guaranteed”.  If their earnings were not guaranteed, they could not be properly
A very common problem – an employee is given the title of Assistant Manager or some similar “managerial” job title and classified as exempt from the overtime laws (meaning they are not paid overtime), but their duties and responsibilities do not involve any meaningful decision-making authority or supervision of other employees, or their compensation method
In a recent case out of Pennsylvania, an employer tried to put a new spin on what has long been considered a bright-line rule providing that short breaks from work of twenty minutes or less constitute compensable time for which workers must be paid. The court ruled against the employer, upholding the lower court’s decision
The two major questions that are frequently asked regarding commissions are 1) when is it considered earned and 2) when must a commission based employee be paid for the commissions they have earned. Both are reasonable and important questions for anyone whose livelihood depends on receiving commission payments. Commissioned sales jobs are hard work, and
Employers benefit from being able to classify certain workers as exempt “computer professionals.” As an exempt worker under California wage laws, computer professionals are not required to be paid a premium for overtime hours worked. However, the worker must meet certain requirements to qualify for this California overtime law exemption. First and foremost is the

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