Bank of America Employees Sue to Recover Overtime Wages

Current and former employees of Bank of America, including bank tellers and other hourly employees, have filed a class action lawsuit against the bank claiming that they were not properly paid overtime and other wages. The lawsuit alleges that B of A violated both federal and state labor laws by failing to pay overtime wages to employees who were required to work more than 8 hours per day and/or 40 hours per week. The state law wage claims cover employees in California, Florida, Texas, Kansas and Washington. The bank allegedly offered employees paid time off in lieu of overtime pay or instructed them to not record more than forty hours on their time cards. Some tellers also claim that the bank altered the record of their hours to avoid paying overtime. The lawsuit also accuses the bank of requiring employees to work during unpaid breaks, failing to provide required meal and rest breaks and failing to timely pay terminated employees for earned wages and accrued vacation time.
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