Aerion Rental Services, LLC Case Summary

Case Summary:

Oilfield workers who regularly worked more than 40 hours per week and were paid using a day-rate pay scheme filed suit to collect unpaid back overtime wages on behalf of all day rate workers employed by the company since June 22, 2011. Workers were paid only their fixed per day rate regardless of the number of hours worked each workweek and allege that the company failed to maintain accurate time records, as required by law, and that they are owed an additional overtime premium equal to 1/2 their regular hourly rate for each hour worked in excess of 40 per week.

Employed as Solids Control/Closed Loop Operators, their job duties consisted of installing, operating, maintaining and rigging down solids control equipment on oil field drill sites.

Filed originally as a collective action under federal overtime law (FLSA), the case has been expanded to include separate state law claims for those who worked in Ohio, North Dakota and/or Pennsylvania. These states have their own wage and hour laws that enable overtime claims to be brought as true class actions on behalf of all similar employees performing work in the state.

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