Exploration Drilling, Inc. Case Summary

Case Summary:

This case was filed on behalf of Flowback Operators (and similarly situated employees) employed by Exploration Drilling who were paid only a set daily rate, regardless of the actual number of hours worked each week. The lawsuit asserts that these oilfield workers are non-exempt under federal overtime law (FLSA) and under North Dakota state wage law, making them entitled to receive time and a half for all hours worked in excess of 40 each week.

Flowback operators are responsible for inspecting oil gages to ensure that they are operating at the correct pressure, relieving pressure if necessary, and recording operating data such as quantities of oil produced, gauging results, and operating times. They commonly worked at least 12 hours per day and up to 35 days straight. Despite working well beyond 40 hours per week, they received only their day-rate multiplied by the number of days worked in each week and were not paid time and a half for their hours in excess of 40 as required under both federal and North Dakota wage and hour regulations.

The case seeks to recover unpaid back overtime wages for the three year period prior to filing, along with an equal amount for liquidated damages, plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

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