In support of the excellent work being done to protect the rights of America’s workers by the National Employment Law Project, we are sharing the following statement from NELP:In solidarity with workers nationwide, the National Employment Law Project today filed extensive comments against a proposed rule issued only a month ago by the U.S. Department
In a process that wreaked of blatant hypocrisy, Republicans have seated Judge Barrett barely one week before a national election, in complete disregard for a principle they loudly insisted upon four years ago when they blocked President Obama from making an appointment with almost a year remaining in his term. The following is the National
Chauffeurs employed by a New Jersey based limousine company reached a settlement of their claims that, as non-exempt employees, they were improperly denied unpaid wages for off the clock work, spread of hours compensation, overtime compensation for hours in excess of 40 per workweek, misappropriated time, as well as illegal deductions for phony 401(k) accounts.
Overtime hours are often the norm for many types of healthcare jobs – ranging from nurses, to techs, to therapists and a variety of administrative and support positions. Gratitude is deserved, but so is overtime pay for most non-managerial employees who are not licensed to practice medicine. Healthcare workers who have been denied proper overtime
In a big win for workers paid on a “day-rate” basis, a recent opinion out of the 5th Circuit which covers Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, makes it crystal clear that being paid a daily rate (even $1,000+/day) is not the same as being paid a salary.  The result is that employees paid a daily rate
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