Factory and production workers navigate some of the most dangerous work environments on a daily basis to keep our economy up and running. The people working in this sometimes ruthless industry deserve to be paid fairly for their hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, many factory owners attempt to skirt paying their workers the full wages they have rightfully earned.

If you work at a factory in the United States, you have rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This federal law mandates minimum wages, overtime pay, and youth employment standards for factory workers employed in the private sector. At Lore Law Firm, our workers’ rights lawyers offer a free and confidential review to help determine if you are being paid legally. If we find you are missing out on pay, we may be able to help you file a claim to recover unpaid overtime wages.

Factories Not Including Shift Differential or Incentives in Overtime Calculation

Some production facilities across the United States dodge paying workers their total wages by neglecting to include shift differentials—extra compensation for employees who work a less desirable shift—and other incentives when calculating overtime pay. Any employers engaging in this practice can be held responsible for up to double the amount of  unpaid overtime wages

The FLSA dictates that all nonexempt employees must be paid time-and-a-half of their “regular rate” for any time worked over 40 hours in a single week. When calculating an employee’s “regular rate,” employers must include the following:

  • Their typical salary, hourly, piece, or daily pay rate
  • Any other compensation given to the employee for their employment (except for these exclusions)

If you work at a factory or production facility and your employer has miscalculated your overtime wages by failing to account for your shift differential or other incentives, you could be entitled to a settlement for unpaid wages.

Factory Workers Not Being Paid for Time Spent in Security Screenings or During Travel

Factories often have extensive safety and security screenings that must be completed before workers can enter the production floor. Although the employer requires these screenings for the worker to fulfill their job duties, many facilities will have workers go through these processes before or after the employee punches the clock.

However, depending on what state you work in, workers forced to engage in pre-or post-shift activities such as these must be paid fairly for this time. This includes time spent traveling for the job but does not include time employees spend traveling to and from their primary worksite as a part of their ordinary commute.

If your employer is neglecting to pay you for time spent going through safety or security procedures or traveling for the job, a Lore Law Firm workers’ rights lawyer can help you file a claim to recover the wages you have rightfully earned.

Overtime and Wage Violations Attorneys Representing Factory Workers Nationwide

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