Mandatory Overtime Can Sacrifice Work Quality

Mandatory overtime is legal with little to no restrictions. Employers can tell their employees –without notice, they must work additional hours. There is no legal limit to the amount of hours employers can request employees to work. Employees that do not follow employer’s overtime work request are subject to penalties, including termination. The pressure to work mandatory overtime often sacrifices the quality of work. In some cases, mandatory overtime can hurt the reputation of the employee’s work. This will ultimately hurt the employer’s relationship with its customers or clientele.


For more information on how mandatory overtime can hurt the quality of an employee’s work, read below:

–          To keep costs low, employers push mandatory overtime to increase productivity and meet deadlines, rather than hire extra employees to help them with these needs. This leaves less time to focus on each particular task.


–          When employees are overworked, they become fatigued and less enthusiastic about performing their job duties. Which ultimately means their quality of service goes down and the possibility for mistakes increases


–          Jobs such as nursing or police work require an individual to stay focused on their duties. Often these employees have to provide emotional or supportive services. The public expects people who have these positions to provide quality service, because lives are on the line. However, when they are being overworked their quality of work plunges downward.


–          Work is an inevitable part of life, but when there is hardly any time for employees to handle personal needs such as rest, and family time, they ultimately become dissatisfied with their career.



While there are no laws prohibiting employers from demanding mandatory overtime, employees have sought legal counsel for being overworked. Employee lawsuits claiming that employers are utilizing mandatory overtime too often are on the rise.

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