More Workers are seeking the help of an Overtime Lawyer

If you take a look at all of the overtime lawsuits occurring in the present day, you have to wonder why the sudden surge.  Michael D. Lore is a Houston overtime lawyer that specializes in helping those employees fighting for unpaid wages and overtime pay, and he understands exactly what is going on. With such a daunting economy confronting employers and employees, everyone is struggling to keep every penny they can for themselves.  Some employers are going to great lengths to cover up non-compliance with the federal labor laws set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and even big companies are getting caught red handed.  As more overtime lawsuits come to light in the public eye, more workers are seeing just what they’ve been missing…earned overtime.  The FLSA sets the standard for how classifications are to be handled for employees in the United States.  You are either classified as “exempt” from receiving overtime pay, or “non-exempt”.  Generally, “exempt” employees are managers, executives, administrators, and highly paid professionals all receiving salaried pay.  However, there are other tests one must pass in order to be classified as exempt, such as job duty descriptions, and how much money you make weekly. State overtime laws vary from state to state and get even more complicated. And both federal FLSA laws and state laws are forever changing.  Even an employer that believes it is abiding by the state overtime laws can be mistaken.  As a result, huge mistakes are sometimes made causing major class action suits regarding overtime law. This is why so many people are now seeking the help of overtime lawyers. If you feel you have been denied overtime, or feel you and your co-workers have not been receiving the proper wages, salaries, or minimum wage, contact an experienced overtime lawyer like Michael D. Lore who will give you answers to all the questions concerning the environment in your workplace.

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