Updated March 31.2020 Common Questions about time off during the crisis: Can an employer force an employee to use vacation time during the pandemic? The short answer is probably yes. Federal law does not require that an employer provide paid vacation leave and therefore, it also does not regulate the terms or conditions of these
COVID-19:  For questions on the use of vacation leave during the COVID-19 crisis, see this page for general information and the latest legislative updates. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————– Some employers place restrictions on when employees can use their paid vacation time, with some going as far as forcing employees to take their vacations at certain times. This is
The Colorado Wage Order is the state minimum wage and overtime law. There are several types of employees that are not subject to the Wage Order. These “exempt” employees include: salaried executive/supervisor, administrative, and professional employees outside sales employees elected officials and members of their staff companions, casual babysitters, and domestic employees employed by households
A nurse staffing company has agreed to pay a settlement of $3.2 million to compensate employees who claim that the agency underpaid overtime by failing to include the value of per diem stipends and monetary bonuses in the calculation of overtime rates of pay.  This settlement is yet another instance where non-exempt hourly healthcare professionals employed
What Workers Must be Told and Do, Before Their Fingerprints or Faces Are Used. The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) protects workers who are required to use devices such as biometric time clocks to punch-in / punch-out and record their time worked.  While the law does not prohibit employers in Illinois from using such