The Trump administration’s new overtime pay proposal is based on the absurd notion that someone being paid $35,308/year in 2020 is a well-paid executive who doesn’t need or deserve overtime protections.The economy has largely recovered since the Great Recession, but far too many working families are still being left behind. In order for economic growth
Lawsuits continue to be filed seeking recovery of back overtime pay on behalf of all types of construction inspectors paid on a day-rate basis. Despite numerous cases over the past several years, many inspection companies continue to employ a day-rate pay scheme that does not include proper pay for overtime hours. These cases claim that
When you work long hours at your job, you get paid overtime – right?  At least that’s the way it used to be. In the 70s, more than 60% of America’s full-time salaried workers earned overtime pay when they put in over 40 hours per week. But now, that number has dropped to just 6%.
  As Warren Zevon (and a top Sprint exec) have said…It’s going to take “lawyers, guns, and money” to get out of this. Lots of lawyers, hired guns, and $34,150,000, along with 10 years of litigation, has indeed got Sprint out of this case. Last month, a court in Kansas granted final approval of settlements
While the labor laws on overtime pay at the federal level (and for most states) permit non-exempt salaried workers’ overtime pay to be calculated using the fluctuating-workweek method (aka Chinese Overtime), there are currently 7 states that prohibit or limit such pay schemes: Alaska, California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Montana, and New Jersey. Rulings in

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