In a big win for workers paid on a “day-rate” basis, a recent opinion out of the 5th Circuit, which covers Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, makes it crystal clear that being paid a daily rate (even $1,000+/day and amounting to $200,000+/year) is not the same as being paid a salary.  So, we now have the
Workers with the title of “Assistant Manager” or “Manager in Training” frequently, and rightly, ask if their job duties make them exempt from the overtime pay laws, and thus not entitled to overtime pay. Misclassification of Assistant Managers and management trainees as exempt instead of non-exempt employees has been a long-running issue across almost all
In the United States alone, there are an estimated 2.3 million call center operators. Countless call center operators put in hours upon hours of off-the-clock work, and many employers often take advantage of these workers. Whether it is time spent on meetings, traveling between work sites, or additional work done after the completion of the
When you pour hours upon hours of your time into a company, you should get paid for it. Overtime pay is no exception. If you worked overtime for a company, you are entitled to compensation for the hours worked. In Texas, you can file a Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Wage Claim, however, this will only
When it comes to seasonal or recreational workers and overtime pay, the already complicated laws become more complex. There are several exemptions that apply to seasonal and recreational workers, which limit such workers’ entitlement to overtime pay. What Is Overtime Pay? The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires non-exempt employees to receive overtime pay for
Overtime pay for tipped employees in the state of Texas works differently from overtime pay for regular employees. The state and federal overtime laws protect both tipped and regular employees from not receiving their overtime pay. If you suspect your employer has violated laws surrounding overtime pay, it may be time to seek the assistance