What is worse than having to pay double the back overtime wages owed to an employee plus their attorneys’ fees and costs? If you are an employer who has deprived a large group of employees of the overtime pay they were owed, it’s much worse to be stuck in a case that may force you
In California, expense reimbursement claims have brought several abusive policies to light, particularly as they relate to employees who earn less than twice the minimum wage. These employment law violations seem to become more frequent when economic downturns have everyone working hard to save money–employees and employers both. The employees most affected by unpaid expenses
The Colorado Department of Labor has resolved any doubt as to the answer to the common question (asked by both workers and employment law attorneys in Colorado): Can an employee be forced to forfeit their unused vacation time? The answer is No…even if there is a signed agreement that says otherwise. While Colorado labor laws
In support of the excellent work being done to protect the rights of America’s workers by the National Employment Law Project, we are sharing the following statement from NELP:In solidarity with workers nationwide, the National Employment Law Project today filed extensive comments against a proposed rule issued only a month ago by the U.S. Department
Chauffeurs employed by a New Jersey based limousine company reached a settlement of their claims that, as non-exempt employees, they were improperly denied unpaid wages for off the clock work, spread of hours compensation, overtime compensation for hours in excess of 40 per workweek, misappropriated time, as well as illegal deductions for phony 401(k) accounts.