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In short, the answer to the question WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN WHEN YOUR JOB IS BEING “RECLASSIFIED” is: 1) Your employer has decided that it has improperly been misclassifying you as “exempt” and not entitled to overtime pay when it should have been classifying you as “non-exempt” and paying you time and a half
In another attempt to undo worker friendly Obama administration labor rules, the Trump Labor Department, along with restaurant industry groups, is now proposing a wage law change that could result in employers having the ability to legally keep some or all of the tips left by customers.  This change to overtime pay laws could take
The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is scheduled to issue proposed regulations in March 2018 that will increase the minimum salary level required to qualify an employee as “exempt” from Pennsylvania’s labor laws on overtime pay.  It is also expected to provide clarification as to the job duties and responsibilities required for overtime pay
In a recent decision arising out of an overtime pay case filed on behalf of a class of welding inspectors who earned more than $100,000 in total pay per year, an appeals court addressed the issue of whether or not such earnings were “guaranteed”.  If their earnings were not guaranteed, they could not be properly
A very common problem – an employee is given the title of Assistant Manager or some similar “managerial” job title and classified as exempt from the overtime laws (meaning they are not paid overtime), but their duties and responsibilities do not involve any meaningful decision-making authority or supervision of other employees, or their compensation method

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