According to the 9th Circuit (the federal appeals court for Alaska, Arizona, California, and Hawaii), the “80/20 rule” does apply – upholding the Labor Department regulations which state that employers may not reduce a tip-earning employee’s hourly pay below the minimum wage when that employee spends more than 20 percent of his or her
  It’s the height of hurricane season again. With reconstruction still going on in Texas post Harvey and in Puerto Rico post Irma and Maria, Hawaii having already been impacted by storm damage, and North Carolina and South Carolina heavily damaged by Hurricane Florence, it’s time to remind the thousands of workers who do the
If you work at multiple locations and do not get paid overtime based on the combined total hours worked, your employer is likely violating the law…and owes you back overtime pay.   A common scheme used by large multi-location employers to avoid paying workers overtime is to spread workers across 2 or more locations during
The courthouse doors are closing on employees’ right to file overtime pay lawsuits (and all other types of claims) in an actual court in front of a real judge. The Supreme Court has recently given the green light and employers are rushing to implement mandatory arbitration policies that force workers into private arbitration run by
If your employer did not provide a pay stub each time you got paid or provided one with little information, your employer was likely violating New York State law…and may owe you $5,000. What Basic Information Is Required on All New York Pay Stubs? The New York Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA) applies to employers

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