With the continued drop in oil prices and drilling activity, an increasing number of energy related employers have been engaging in “cost reduction” efforts, including job cuts and layoffs. The near-term outlook doesn’t look much brighter with new job postings for operators, field technicians, inspectors, pumpers, roustabouts and similar jobs down and top executives noting
California Independent Contractor Law Update.  New Law Follows Prior Court Ruling Favoring Employees and Opposing Misclassification. Summary:California’s Governor signed into law AB 5 which goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and adds the ABC test to the California Labor Code. This is another important step in California’s fight to protect workers’ pay, overtime rights
What Workers Must be Told and Do, Before Their Fingerprints or Faces Are Used.The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) protects workers who are required to use devices such as biometric time clocks to punch-in / punch-out and record their time worked.  While the law does not prohibit employers in Illinois from using such devices,
New Jersey’s recently passed Wage Theft Act (WTA) now gives it one of the strongest wage-and-hour laws in the country — protecting the hard-earned overtime pay and other wages owed to workers in the state. This is a major improvement for employees in New Jersey, which has long lagged behind in wage-and-hour protections for workers.“Today
What Workers Need to Know to Protect Their Pay. Effective July 1, 2019 (August 1, 2019, for certain criminal penalties), Minnesota’s recently enacted Wage Theft Law provides workers in the state with greater protections of their hard-earned overtime pay and other wages.  This is a major step towards deterring unethical and illegal pay practices that

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