A class of non-exempt, hourly warehouse workers have reached a settlement in a case that claimed Amazon (and the temp staffing agency it used) violated California labor laws when it failed to pay them for mandatory security searches lasting up to 30 minutes after they clocked out. The workers also alleged Amazon failed to provide
Overtime hours are often the norm for many types of healthcare jobs – ranging from nurses, to techs, to therapists and a variety of administrative and support positions. Gratitude is deserved, but so is overtime pay for most non-managerial employees who are not licensed to practice medicine. Healthcare workers who have been denied proper overtime
In a big win for workers paid on a “day-rate” basis, a recent opinion out of the 5th Circuit which covers Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, makes it crystal clear that being paid a daily rate (even $1,000+/day) is not the same as being paid a salary.  The result is that employees paid a daily rate
The law requires that employers accurately track the hours worked by non-exempt employees and that they pay for all hours actually worked. When employers fail to pay employees for all of the hours they work, employees are denied a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Improperly accounting for hours worked is a serious
Employees who frequently travel for work and work away from home are often given per diems as reimbursements for the cost of lodging, evening meals, and incidental travel expenses. Depending on how the per diem is determined and paid, it may need to be included when calculating an employee’s overtime pay rate and can make