NJ Labor Laws

The employees in New Jersey are protected under a variety of NJ labor laws.  Workplace standards, in particular, are covered under these laws and are created and enforced by New Jersey’s Wage and Hour Compliance.  NJ labor laws created to oversee certain standards for the workplace are listed below. Wage and Hour Law:  This law establishes the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements for New Jersey, as well as, sets mandatory overtime restrictions in the healthcare industry.  It also protects the employment of workers with disabilities and sets their own specific working condition guidelines. State Payment Law:  This law sets forth the guidelines for withheld and unpaid wages and lines out the method, mode and time of payment.  It also deals with employee benefits packages. Child Labor Law:  Enacted for the protection of minors in the workplace by setting specific working condition guidelines. Crew Leader Registration Act/ Farm Labor Laws:  Covers topics like migrant farm labor camps, drinking water facility inspections, contractors and farmers. It also specifies minimum wage and wage payment standards for crew leaders, as well as, requiring them to be registered. Industrial Homework Law and Regulations:  States that it is illegal for a home-worker to manufacture apparel in their home for an apparel manufacturer.  All apparel manufacturers, including ones working from home are to be licensed, with permits and certificates. Apparel Registration Act:  All apparel manufacturers are to register with the state of New Jersey. State Building Service Contracts Act:  Any person performing building services in a facility owned or leased by the state of New Jersey has federal wage and benefits set by this Act. Construction Industry Independent Contractor Act:  Addresses “Independent Contractor” classifications in the construction industry. Public Works Contractor Registration:  Mandates registration fees for contractors working with public works building projects. NJ state labor laws are among the most protective in the nation. If you think you and your co-workers have had your rights violated by your New Jersey employer, contact an experienced labor and overtime attorney like Michael Lore. Simply fill our the Case Evaluation Form as completely as possible and he will help you decide if you have good case.

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