No Fee If No Recovery

How Much Does an Overtime Lawyer Cost?

Can I afford to hire a lawyer to recover my overtime pay? YES!

No Recovery, No Attorney’s Fee

We take most wage, hour, and overtime cases on a Straight Contingency Fee Basis. This means we only get paid when and if you do. There are no up-front costs and you do not pay any attorneys’ fees or case expenses unless and until we get a recovery in the case. In addition, under federal overtime law, we can seek to have your employer pay some or all of our attorneys’ fees.

This contingent fee arrangement allows employees who would otherwise not be able to hire an attorney to access the justice system when their employer has failed to pay them the overtime they are legally entitled to.

The benefits of contingency fee arrangements include:

  • If there is no recovery, the client owes the attorneys nothing for their work – so the attorney has every incentive to “win” the case.
  • The interests of the attorneys and the client are perfectly aligned, with both sharing in the potential risks and rewards. Unlike other arrangements such as hourly billing, the best outcome is obtained by efficiently (managing expenses) resolving a case as promptly as possible and for as much as possible.
  • Confidence in the case and a successful result. When an attorney agrees to take a case on a contingent fee basis, he/she is expressing confidence in the case, as he/she must believe the case will be “won” and provide adequate compensation for the time, effort and money that will be invested in the case (and lost if the outcome is not successful).

See Overtime Claims and Cases for additional information about pursuing an overtime case.

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Client Reviews


A situation that involves attorneys is emotional - Mike Lore is an attentive listener and really helped me come to the terms of my situation. He used his understanding of the law to construct a case that was grounded in fact and skipped the needless 'finger-pointing' and 'he-said/she-said' back and forth. Mike's professionalism with me (the client) and the opposing attorney moved the case forward quickly with a successful result.

- E.S.


After talking to HR and trying to find answers to my questions about the overtime laws online, I was so confused. I contacted the firm and spoke to Stacy. She was so nice and took the time to review my pay stubs. She explained what the law requires and how it applied to my job. Turns out I do not have a case. Even though I didn’t have a case, she sent me a follow up email with even more information. So glad I called them.

- P.A.


We live in another state, but my husband's company sent him to work in Texas for 6 months. With the laws being completely different from our home state, it was nice to speak to a professional that could put us at ease and explain the laws to us.

- D.E.

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