Overtime Attorney

An Overtime Attorney Can Help Make Sense of Overtime Complexities
The complexities of employment are limitless due to the wide variety of employment opportunities as well as Federal and state regulations regulating it, making consulting an overtime attorney almost a necessity whenever a question concerning overtime payment arises. Even employers who are making the effort to comply with the law often run afoul of it inadvertently. Employers trying to keep their companies running in uncertain economic times can sometimes make changes in their personnel and policies that cause them to fall out of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and state overtime laws. Others have been known to purposefully withhold validly earned wages and overtime pay counting on their employees’ lack of knowledge to protect them. Sometimes it is necessary to find a knowledgeable overtime attorney to help employees who are too afraid to confront their employers about unlawfully unpaid overtime wages. It is important to know that whistleblower employees are protected by law from retaliation by employers for filing overtime claims. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was enacted to protect the rights of employees to receive premium overtime compensation for working more than 40 hours per week. Overtime lawsuits are especially common today because of the poor economic climate, growing employee awareness, and the complexities of the marketplace as well as the FLSA and other state overtime laws. If you think your employer may owe you for unpaid overtime, the best way to find out if your case may be winnable is to completely fill out our Case Evaluation Form one of our experienced overtime lawyers will be happy to help you evaluate your situation.

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