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Overtime Law Firms Handle Wage and Hour Class Action Suits Wage and hour and lawsuits are usually filed as class actions or a variation called collective actions by an overtime law firm.  Why class actions?  Well, usually it is not beneficial to a single individual to file a wage and hour claim because the return is not worth the risk and cost of litigation.  And because of this very fact, large companies have often flouted the nation’s overtime laws with impunity. Luckily, with the advent of the wage and hour class action suit, workers are now able to have a voice and stand up for their rights on a level playing field due to the fact there is strength in numbers. An overtime law firm is staffed with overtime lawyers who understand the complexities of the national Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor laws, and can help you decide whether or not you have a case.  They handle unpaid overtime claims, unpaid wages and salaries, violations of minimum wage, and exemption misclassifications to name a few. An overtime law firm has to consider several factors before bringing an overtime lawsuit to class action.
  1. First they will ask themselves if there are enough individuals affected by a violation to define it as a class action.
  2. Next they will look at the claim of the individuals filing suit and make sure their grievances are represented by the entire class.
  3. Third, the firm will ask if the affected persons share common legal issues.
  4. And finally, they make sure that the law firm will be willing and able to represent the entire class.
This is really just a overview for any of you that think you may have a wage and hour class action, but  if you feel like your rights to overtime pay  have been violated, then take your concerns to the professionals, overtime lawyers who will assess your circumstances and do everything in their power to fight for you and your co-workers by completing our free online Case Evaluation Form as soon as possible.

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