“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing.”


We are reprinting and sharing this with workers who visit our site in hopes to impact the 2020 election and to help end the frontal attack on workers’ rights by the current administration and the enabling Senate majority.

The PAC is named “Stand Up for Workers”: https://standupforworkers.org/

A New York Times editorial last month summarized some of the most poignant attacks on workers’ rights during this administration, which has systematically favored corporations at the expense of workers by: 

  • tightening qualifications for who must be paid the minimum wage and overtime
  • asking the Supreme Court to rule that companies can fire workers on the basis of sexual orientation (though they failed)
  • encouraging National Labor Relations Board regional offices to issue more complaints against labor unions
  • reducing the number of workplace safety inspectors to the lowest level in OSHA’s half-century of operations (resulting in only one sanction out of 6600 complaints)
  • attempting to prevent workers from protecting their own interests through collective bargaining
  • attacking federal minimum wage rights by 

> defining “independent contractors” so broadly that workers in the gig economy (especially in the cleaning industry) lose benefits, minimum wage or overtime, or social security   

> rejecting the Obama Administration’s proposed increase to the minimum salary that white-collar employees must be paid to qualify as exempt from overtime, lowering the threshold from $47,500 to $35,300

> starting a new program to allow employers to report their own violations of federal wage laws, making no effort to determine whether workers are entitled to additional compensation under state law 

The Trump administration also has appointed Federal Judges at a torrid pace. A recent count puts the number of lifetime appointments at 200, including dozens of appellate judges and two Supreme Court Justices. The pace of appointment of these judges continues and will undercut workers’ rights advocates for years to come.

The current Senate majority’s refusal to honor its Constitutional obligation of advice and consent during the final year of the Obama administration led directly to the Supreme Court decision in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, upholding an emailed forced arbitration clause that denied workers the opportunity to participate in collective or class actions or to have a jury trial.

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