The Department of Labor Has Sued Cleaning Firm for Violating Wage Laws

Two Illinois cleaning services and their owners have been sued by the U.S. Department of Labor for a violation of wage laws. The lawsuits seek back wages for 135 workers of Super Maid in Romeoville and Skokie Maid and Cleaning Service. As is the case with so many violations of wage laws, the companies allegedly misclassified their workers as independent contractors. If they were independent contractors, their businesses would not have to pay them the overtime pay they would deserve as employees. The lawsuit against Skokie Maid cites that the company was not paying their workers for time spent at the office and the time it took commuting to their first job site. Further, their workers were not compensated for the first two weeks of work and days that were spent training. In some cases, employees saw less than the federal minimum wage rate. These workers were also working more than 40 hours per week, and did not receive the overtime pay they should rightfully receive as employees as in accordance with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. In the case of Romeoville’s Super Maid, alleged violations in wage laws came on account of workers being paid a flat rate per house cleaned, regardless of the time that it took them to finish the job. As was the case with Skokie Maid, workers were also not paid for the time they spent traveling to job sites. The standard practices of Super Maid resulted in their workers receiving less than the Federal minimum wage rate. These two Illinois companies are just another example of how wage laws are being violated and how workers are deprived of fair pay for an honest days labor. Industries that employ workers who are receiving low wages are historically more prone to violating wage laws. If you believe your rights under the FLSA are being violated, please contact us today.

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