Tyson Food Employees: Another Example of Wage Laws Paying Off for Workers

A long running federal lawsuit has finally come to an end. More than 17,000 of Tyson Food workers had been pitted against the popular poultry supplier. The employees worked in more than 41 food plants that spanned across 12 states. The lawsuit came as a result of employees recognizing what they thought to be a clear violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and seeking the help of legal counsel to receive their rightful wages. When employees were not paid for the time they spent putting on and taking off gear, which the company required them to wear to protect their product and themselves, the workers of Tyson brought the case to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. The Union helped employees understand that they deserved to be paid back wages for this time spent donning and doffing under wage laws. The case is just another in a long list of examples that show how commonly the rights of workers are being violated. When a Georgia judge approved a settlement of $32 million dollars for Tyson Employees, workers around the country also won.  When cases like this get publicized, they hopefully provide many other workers a higher awareness of their rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Our expert legal team has been helping workers across the country with their overtime wage and hour claims for more than a decade. We will always fight until the end to win for our clients. If you believe you have a case similar to that of the workers of Tyson Food, or want to bring to light any other violation of wage laws, we are here to help.  Contact us today.

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