Understanding Overtime Rules and How They Protect Your Rights

Overtime rules have been violated for as long as they have existed, but in this troubling economy, employers are even more likely to try and bend the rules. Employees deserve to be properly financially compensated for every hour they work. The rights associated with overtime labor are protected by The Fair Labor Standards Act; this act establishes standards for minimum wage, recordkeeping, overtime pay, and child labor. There are over 130 million people that are affected by overtime rules, including part time and full time workers. One of the biggest reasons overtime rules are broken is that employees don’t fully understand their rights. We encourage you to peruse our blog and see if your rights are being respected. Our law firm concentrates its practice on wage and hour overtime violation cases. Our job is to represent individuals across the country in overtime wage and hour claims. Our number one goal is to respect workers’ labor and to make sure they receive full and fair pay for the work they perform. Most people don’t know that there are federal and state laws to protect the overtime wage rights of workers. These laws are complex and employment law professionals are best equipped to evaluate the laws that apply to your specific situation. Allow our lawyers to take a look at your unique position and evaluate your potential right to collect unpaid overtime wages. If you think your rights are being violated, contact us today for a free and confidential review by experienced overtime law attorneys.

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