Wage and Hour Claims Give a Voice to Workers Nationwide

Wage and hour claims are claims within a lawsuit involving violations of state and federal wage and hour laws.  A typical wage and hour claim would be one alleging an employer has violated the Federal FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) by not paying non-exempt employees overtime pay for all hours worked over a 40 hour workweek.   Claims Involving Exemption Status Employers have been getting away with denying overtime to deserving employees for decades due to a number of factors, one being misclassification.  Employees have often been misclassified as exempt  from overtime pay simply by changing a job title.  For example, under the FLSA laws there are “white collar” exemptions. If your job title says “manager”, then generally you would be exempt from receiving overtime – if your job duties are truly those of a manager.  However, some employers bestow glorified job titles upon employees, especially assistant managers,  to claim exemptions, and avoid paying overtime, when they otherwise would not be exempt. Claims Involving Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations Wage and hour claims also address minimum wage violations, and meal/rest period violations.  Wal-Mart has been scorched with huge wage and hour class actions over the years regarding these types of violations on both the state and federal level.  Over $600 million dollars have been turned over in settlements by the company for its alleged illegal employment practices.  Thanks to the internet, otherwise under the radar million dollar settlements from major corporations such as Wal-Mart are going viral.  More workers are becoming aware of their rights, and more wage and hour claims are turning up in class action lawsuits.  It is just a matter of time before every single employer will think twice about wage and hour violations.   The importance of speaking out against unfair labor practices in your workplace cannot be emphasized enough.  This is why wage and hour claims are so important to examine and none are too big or too small.  If your wage and hour claim meets a small check list of criteria, it could turn into a major class action suit or a variation called a collective action suit.  Class actions bring a voice to every single worker involved and level the playing field between you and your employer, so in the end, everyone is treated fairly. If you think you’ve been misclassified as exempt and have unpaid overtime pay, fill out our Case Evaluation Form today and one of the Lore Law Firm overtime lawyers will evaluate your case to see if you might be able to reclaim your unpaid wages.

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