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  1. Up to 70 % of employers ARE NOT in compliance with labor laws on overtime.
  2. The most common overtime pay violations are:
  3. You can’t sign away your right to overtime. Your overtime pay rights can’t be given up by signing a contract or by agreeing to be paid a day rate or straight time only. If you are owed overtime pay, overtime pay laws in your state allow you to seek lost wages from your employer, regardless of any prior agreement.


  • Wait / Delay: Strict time limits apply to overtime overtime claims. Generally, labor laws on overtime say that mandatory overtime recovery is limited to the 2-3 year period prior to the date the claim is filed.
  • Rely on your boss or HR for critical information about your overtime pay and the laws on overtime that may have been violated.


  • Understand your overtime pay rights and be familiar with your state’s overtime labor laws.
  • Be very skeptical of any pay scheme that does not offer to pay you time and a half for all hours worked over 40 per week. Your state’s overtime labor laws are put in place to protect you.
  • Contact us immediately if you want to know more about your state’s labor laws on overtime, or if you have any doubts about whether you’re entitled to overtime pay on your current job or past jobs pay.

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