10 Things You Should Know
About Overtime Claims

From an

Overtime Lawyer

Potential clients often contact our overtime attorney with a work-related issue, only to discover that while there may not be a legal basis to pursue the matter, they have another claim they did not even know about. These claims typically turn out to be far more valuable to the worker and more feasible to go after. This scenario frequently occurs with regard to claims involving overtime pay and wage payment regulations. To that end, these are the ten things you need to know about overtime claims from an overtime pay lawyer:

Common Overtime Violations

These include straight time pay for overtime (rather than time and a half); day-rate pay with no overtime; misclassification of an employee as a 1099 worker or independent contractor; and misclassification of salaried employees as being exempt from overtime.

You Can’t Sign Away Your Right to Overtime Pay

Overtime pay rights cannot be waived by signing a contract or agreeing to be paid straight time only or a flat day rate. If you are owed overtime pay, the laws in your state allow you to seek lost wages from your employer, regardless of prior agreements.

If You Believe You Have an Overtime Issue, Do Not Rely on Your Boss or HR

Employers often give inaccurate information about overtime pay laws and aren’t looking out for your best interests. The overtime laws are complex. If you have not been paid time and a half after 40 hours, you should contact us for a free, confidential review.

If You Pursue a Claim, You May Receive Double Back Pay

You can recover up to double your unpaid overtime wages plus attorneys’ fees.

Employers Must Comply with State and Federal Laws

Many states have enacted overtime laws which are more favorable to workers than federal law – such as daily overtime pay. Employers must comply with whichever law is more beneficial to workers.

There Are Strict Time Limits That Apply

Federal law limits recovery of back overtime wages to the two- to three-year period prior to the date a claim is filed. However, some states have longer time limits.

The Courthouse Doors Are Closing

Employers are rushing to force employees to sign arbitration agreements that prevent employees from bringing cases as a group or class action.

If you’ve signed an arbitration agreement, you can still pursue your overtime claim but it’s important to have your situation reviewed so you can know your options.

Most Employers Are Not In Compliance

According to the Department of Labor, up to 70% of employers are NOT in compliance with the overtime laws. If you are not being paid time and a half after 40, you should have your situation reviewed.

You Can Afford to Hire an Overtime Lawyer

Our team of unpaid overtime attorneys handles cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no fee if we do not recover.

All Our Claim Reviews Are Confidential

Our review of your potential claim is free and strictly confidential. We will not contact your employer as part of our review.

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Types of Cases
Our Firm Handles

Our team of overtime pay attorneys assists workers with overtime and FLSA violations.

Federal and state employment laws can be complex and difficult to understand. There is also a significant amount of misinformation out there regarding lawsuits against employers. This means you should not assume that you either do or do not have a valid legal claim against your employer based on what you have heard from family, friends, co-workers, or from the internet and social media.

We have learned, from decades of legal experience:

  • What the relevant state and federal employment and labor laws are
  • The procedural rules that have to be followed
  • How both the courts and the administrative systems (including EEOC and Department of Labor) work
  • How cases are evaluated and valued by defendants
  • How to successfully represent individual workers and classes of workers in their claims

Our Approach to
Guiding Clients

We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to your story and help you understand what the law protects you from and what it does not. We know how stressful and upsetting workplace issues like wage theft can be. But we also know that not all instances of unfair or inappropriate treatment at work are illegal. We, therefore, review client cases with an eye toward fairly assessing how feasible they are to pursue – for both the attorney and the client.

Not every lawyer has practiced sufficiently in labor or employment law, so it may be difficult to find the right legal counsel in your town or even your state. The good news, however, is that overtime pay requirements are largely governed by federal law. It is therefore common for lawyers to represent workers in federal cases outside of the city or state in which they are located. The Lore Law Firm has a trusted national network of co-counsel and local counsel that we work with to handle your claim.

For decades, we have successfully served employees from coast to coast in the following industries:

The Lore Law Firm

Who do you turn to when your job and income are on the line – and with it, your and your family’s well-being? Many workers go to their human resources representatives, their bosses, or even their co-workers and friends. But these individuals don’t have the necessary understanding of labor and employment laws to protect your rights.

It’s time to speak with The Lore Law Firm. With over 25 years of experience representing workers across the country in overtime and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) claims, our firm has proven it has the ability to resolve even the most complex matters successfully.

Our mission is to help victims of wage theft enforce their legal rights and recover the compensation they are entitled to. To find out more about our legal services or to see if you have a legal claim, fill out our form as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team of unpaid overtime lawyers has the knowledge, resources, and tenacity to take on even the largest companies in any courthouse in the country. When you contact The Lore Law Firm, we provide a free confidential review of your situation and help you answer the two most important questions everyone has:

1) Do I have a case against my employer?
2) If I have a valid claim, what is my case worth?

If we are able to pursue a claim on your behalf, we work on a contingent fee basis – meaning that we don’t get paid unless we are successful in obtaining a recovery for you. Our interests are totally aligned with yours because we only represent workers who have been cheated out of what they have rightfully earned.

Machinist working on part

Our objective is to address these and related issues. When potential claimants contact us, we review with them such common questions as:

  • How long do employment cases typically take to settle?
  • What happens after I hire an unpaid wages lawyer?
  • How much does it cost to hire an employment law attorney?
  • Will you send a demand letter first or will a lawsuit be filed immediately?
  • Am I required to go through the EEOC, Department of Labor, or some other agency before I can file a lawsuit?
  • Can the company retaliate against me for pursuing my claims for unpaid back wages?
What To Expect When
Contacting the Firm

It is incredibly stressful to be treated unfairly at work, knowing your career and livelihood are at risk. We understand your feelings and that you have questions about your rights and the potential value of any claims you may possess. At the same time, we know you have practical concerns about the process involved in pursuing legal action and the impact it may have on your future.

After discussing these and other critical questions, we may request any available documents that will allow us to perform a meaningful legal review of the situation. This intake process is completely confidential and free of charge and is the important first stage of our investigation into your potential case.

If this initial review leads us to believe there is not a viable legal claim, or that any potential claim would not be feasible for our firm to pursue, we will promptly inform you of this and, in most cases, provide you with relevant information and alternative resources. However, if the initial review leads us to believe that you do have one or more claims, we will typically do a deeper dive. This means asking more specific questions about your experience, requesting additional documents, and finding out if there are any witnesses who may be able to help. It may also include discussions with our select team of co-counsel or local counsel attorneys.

Once we have completed the initial intake and investigation stages and concluded that your case is likely both legally and financially viable, a retainer agreement will be signed (electronically) that spells out the terms and conditions of representation. We will also outline the likely process involved in prosecuting your employment law claim through to either a settlement or a trial.

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