Every employee deserves to be paid for the total amount of time they spend working. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It has been reported that 82 million American workers have experienced issues with being paid incorrectly or underpaid for their jobs. This issue is even more prevalent for workers that frequently put in overtime at their jobs. If your employer has underpaid or incorrectly paid you for your overtime pay, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for the wages you are missing. To get help with your unpaid wages claim, get in contact with an experienced overtime pay lawyer. Lore Law Firm is a team of employment lawyers with experience defending the rights of employees across the United States. We understand that it can be stressful filing a claim against one’s employer. That is why our legal team helps clients understand the claims process by providing specialized service. We are proud to provide dedicated representation as we help you pursue the justice and back wages you are owed.

Who Is Entitled to Overtime Pay?

When a person works more than forty hours a week, they may be eligible for overtime pay for any additional time worked. However, not every employee is eligible to receive overtime pay. Employees are split into two groups in regards to overtime pay – with the critical factors being 1) how they are paid 2) how much they are paid and 3) what their job duties are. 

  • Exempt Employees: These employees are typically salaried with managerial or high level operational duties and therefore are ”exempt” from the overtime pay laws. 
  • Nonexempt Employees: These employees are usually hourly workers but can be paid in any number of ways, including salary, day-rate or piece-rate. Due to how they are paid, how much they are paid and/or their job duties, they do not qualify as “exempt” and are required to be paid overtime pay of at least time and one-half their regular rate if they work any additional hours past 40 per week. 

If you are unsure if you are an exempt or nonexempt employee, you should use our Overtime Exemption Status Evaluation tool or contact a knowledgeable overtime pay lawyer to understand whether you should have been paid overtime pay. 

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How to Calculate Overtime Pay

To calculate overtime pay, it is crucial that you use a reliable overtime calculator. This is because, while you can calculate your overtime pay rate by hand, it can be difficult and leave room for error. It is important that you get the correct rate to ensure you are being compensated correctly by your employer for the extra hours you have worked. Use this quick overtime pay calculator to determine the approximate value of your unpaid overtime claim, under federal law. Workers are often unsure as to how overtime pay should be calculated and stunned by what they may be owed. If you believe you’re not getting paid the overtime that is rightfully yours or want more information on exactly how overtime is calculated, be sure to contact the experts at The Lore Law Firm today – because time is NOT money if you get cheated on overtime pay.

Are You Eligible to Collect Damages for an Overtime Pay Claim?

If you have not been paid the overtime wages you are owed by your employer, you may be eligible to collect financial compensation in the form of damages. The damages that you may be eligible to collect include:

  • Unpaid Wages: The employee will be awarded the amount in wages that they were unlawfully denied by the employer. 
  • Interest: State law may set an interest rate of all unpaid wages owed to the employee. They will be owed this total amount in interest in addition to the unpaid wages depending on the details of the claim. 
  • Penalties: Federal and certain state laws require employers to pay an additional penalty to the employee to compensate them for any time they have had to wait for the wages they are owed. 

An experienced overtime pay lawyer may be able to help you calculate how much in damages you are owed for the wages you have had withheld by your employer. 

Why Hire an Overtime Pay Lawyer?

Aside from helping clients pursue the financial compensation they are owed, there are many other benefits offered by overtime pay lawyers.

  • Experienced legal service and advice
  • Answers to any questions
  • Help collecting needed evidence
  • Adherence  to any crucial deadlines
  • Dedicated representation

To get started building a strong overtime pay claim, contact a trusted overtime pay lawyer. 

Get Help from a Skilled Overtime Pay Lawyer

Overtime pay can be difficult to calculate. That is why it is important to make sure you are being compensated fully by your employer. If you believe you have been underpaid for overtime you have worked at your job, contact a skilled overtime pay lawyer to get help with your claim. 

Lore Law Firm is a team of overtime pay lawyers with extensive experience helping clients pursue the compensation they are owed. Our skilled legal team has experience protecting employee rights across the country. Schedule a free and confidential review by clicking here or call (713) 782-5291.

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