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Wage Theft Attorney

Wage theft can take many forms and may occur without a worker even realizing that it’s happening. From failing to pay workers overtime to misclassifying employees to get out of paying them properly, employers can be insidious in the various ways that they engage in wage theft.  As such, a skilled wage theft lawyer can be of significant benefit to helping employees get justice in situations where this kind of behavior has victimized them. The Lore Law Firm has a reputation for holding employers accountable when engaging in wage theft. 

What Is Wage Theft?

Wage theft may encompass any number of possible actions, including: 
  • Failing to pay overtime
  • Unlawful deductions from pay
  • Failing to pay employees for hours worked
  • Misclassifying employees to get out of paying overtime
  • Falsely telling employees they are exempt from overtime considerations
  • Offering “comp” time instead of paying overtime
Wage theft can be costly, and employers may become more egregious in this behavior over time. For example, if you accept “comp” time instead of overtime even once, an employer may try to compel you to do the same thing each time you need to put in extra hours at work. 

Why Do You Need a Wage Theft Lawyer?

Employers can be insidious in their efforts to engage in wage theft, sometimes taking advantage of workers without you even know what is happening. A wage theft attorney with experience with these tactics can pinpoint situations in which you were cheated out of the earned dollars that rightfully belong to you. We will help you determine if and how you’ve been victimized and what your options are depending on the extent to which your employer engaged in this unlawful activity.  The Lore Law Firm is well-versed in common practices of wage theft and will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf. Labor laws were put in place to prevent such practices from occurring, and we will use our knowledge of these laws to create a compelling enough case to get you the damages you deserve. We are passionate about fair work environments and have worked on behalf of thousands of individuals subject to unfair labor practices by companies that should and do know better. 

Review Your Options with a Skilled Wage Theft Attorney

When contending with an employer who has victimized you by engaging in wage theft, it helps to have a skilled wage theft lawyer by your side, fighting for justice on your behalf. The Lore Law Firm has 25 years of experience helping employees with wage theft. Given that wage theft is not always blatant and often involves technical legal issues, it is essential to have a wage theft lawyer on your side who understands some of the tactics employed to take advantage of unsuspecting workers.  We are an award-winning firm that gets results for our clients, even in the most challenging cases. Let’s start with a free and confidential case review so that you have a clear understanding of your options. You can reach out either by contacting us online or calling (713) 782-5291 to learn more.

Client Reviews


A situation that involves attorneys is emotional - Mike Lore is an attentive listener and really helped me come to the terms of my situation. He used his understanding of the law to construct a case that was grounded in fact and skipped the needless 'finger-pointing' and 'he-said/she-said' back and forth. Mike's professionalism with me (the client) and the opposing attorney moved the case forward quickly with a successful result.

- E.S.


After talking to HR and trying to find answers to my questions about the overtime laws online, I was so confused. I contacted the firm and spoke to Stacy. She was so nice and took the time to review my pay stubs. She explained what the law requires and how it applied to my job. Turns out I do not have a case. Even though I didn’t have a case, she sent me a follow up email with even more information. So glad I called them.

- P.A.


We live in another state, but my husband's company sent him to work in Texas for 6 months. With the laws being completely different from our home state, it was nice to speak to a professional that could put us at ease and explain the laws to us.

- D.E.

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