1845 Oil Field Services Case Summary

Case Summary

Plaintiffs have sued 1845 Oil Field Services on behalf of all its Sand Coordinators for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act (“NMMWA”). Defendant 1845 is an oil field services company with offices and operations in Texas whose primary business includes the coordination of drilling sand and other materials into the oil fields. The sand coordinators’ job responsibilities included ensuring the required sand is unloaded from the delivery trucks and loaded into the blender for use and assisting in getting trucks into position, inspecting the sand delivered, and hooking up hoses to trucks that deliver the sand. Workers allege that sand coordinators were paid a flat rate for each shift or day worked (a/k/a “day rate“) with no overtime premium, despite often working over forty hours per week and shifts in excess of eight hours per day. The suit claims that 1845’s payment structure violated both the federal overtime wage laws (FLSA) and the NMMWA. The case seeks to recover unpaid back overtime wages for the three year period prior to filing, along with an equal amount for liquidated damages, plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

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