Finding an Overtime Attorney

Finding Overtime Lawyers in 2 Steps

Unlike many areas of the law where consumers are constantly bombarded with ads from hundreds of firms (e.g. personal injury, criminal, social security disability, etc.), it can be much more difficult to find knowledgeable unpaid overtime lawyers. If you are looking for an overtime attorney that can assist you when you believe your employer has deprived you of proper overtime wages, our overtime lawyers have provided a competent resource guide here.

1. Get the Right Attorney

In most instances, just finding a labor and employment law attorney is not enough. What you really need is an overtime lawyer whose primary focus is wage and hour law. Even on a national scale, the number of employment law firms that concentrate their practice specifically on failure to pay overtime cases is small (they all fit in one meeting room at national employment law conferences). Finding the right firm and overtime attorney can make a significant difference in not only how your case is handled, but in the ultimate result – the number of dollars recovered for your claim.


2. Ask The Attorney or Firm Questions

  • How long has the firm been handling overtime cases?
  • Has the firm successfully handled cases similar to my case?
  • What will be done to evaluate my case to determine if it is likely to be “a winner”?
  • How will the firm and its unpaid overtime attorneys communicate with me?

The Lore Law Firm, along with our team of unpaid overtime lawyers from across the country, has helped to recover multi-millions of dollars in back overtime wages for thousands of workers in a wide variety of industries. Our firm’s interests are aligned with our clients – our overtime attorneys carefully select cases and take them on a contingent fee basis, so we don’t get paid for our work unless and until our clients get paid for their back overtime wages.

If you believe that you may have a wage claim for unpaid back overtime or would like to get more information from an experienced overtime lawyer, please call us at 1-866-559-0400, email us at mlore@overtime-flsa.com or submit your information using our convenient Case Evaluation form for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL review of your circumstances by an experienced unpaid overtime lawyer.