In California, expense reimbursement claims have brought several abusive policies to light, particularly as they relate to employees who earn less than twice the minimum wage. These employment law violations seem to become more frequent when economic downturns have everyone working hard to save money–employees and employers both.

The employees most affected by unpaid expenses are those who often cannot afford the expenses they have to incur to work due to lack of savings, and who also find it difficult to say no because they can’t risk losing their employment. A few of the claims that have been settled in favor of the employees include the following types of claims:

  • An employer refused to pay a legitimate expense because the employee was late filing the expense and missed the internal deadline.
  • One employer required their employees who earned little more than minimum wage to supply their own uniforms (required by the employer) and to launder them at their own expense.
  • Another required their near minimum wage workers to supply their own power tools.

California expense reimbursement claims are a good example of the fact that handbook policies are not always right or legal and even long-standing reimbursement practices may no longer be legal. 

California labor laws have been changing frequently in recent years especially in regards to overtime law and expense reimbursement claims have been aiding employees in understanding their employer’s responsibilities when it comes to employee expenses.

It is only fair to reimburse employees for expenses incurred for the employer and his business. Employees offer their services for hire in order to support themselves and their families and should not be expected to help support the business with unreimbursed expenses.

Are You Owed Reimbursement?

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