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Here, you'll find an overview of many significant overtime lawsuits that have been filed across the country. This information is intended to help you understand the various types of employers, industries, issues and jobs that have been the subject of prior claims for unpaid overtime. If you have experienced similar overtime cases or issues with an employer, you too may have been denied the overtime pay you are legally entitled to. It costs nothing to have us review your situation, and you may discover that you are owed a significant amount of back wages, potentially leading to an overtime lawsuit.

Cenergy International Services Sued for Unpaid Back Wages

This claim to recover unpaid back wages for overtime was filed on behalf of non-salaried oil and gas workers who had been staffed out by Cenergy to work for Shell Oil. The lead plaintiff worked as an HSE Tech and was classified by the staffing company not as an employee, but as an independent contractor

Lebanon Farms Case Summary

This lawsuit was filed on behalf of drivers and loaders employed by a Pennsylvania trash hauling company in an effort to recover unpaid regular and overtime wages. The claims are brought under both federal wage law [the Fair Labor Standards Act] and Pennsylvania state wage law [the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act]. The workers allege that

Drillers, Trainee Drillers, Helpers

The Plaintiffs allege that they were not paid the correct amount of overtime wages for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a regular workweek.  The claims are based upon the company’s policy and practice of 1) paying these employees a day rate, with no overtime pay and 2) paying these employees by

How an Employee Misclassification Suit Cost One Company $4.6 Million

Case Summary: Independent Contractor Misclassification Claims Cost Delivery Service $4.6M. In a class action lawsuit filed in California, Instacart delivery workers alleged that they were misclassified as independent contractors. This case continues a trend of significant settlements by companies that have been aggressive in their approach to the wage and labor laws that govern when

Chevron Corporation Case Summary

Case Summary: An overtime pay lawsuit alleging the improper use of a day-rate pay scheme has been filed in California federal court against Chevron Corporation on behalf of a nationwide class of Well Site / Drill Site Managers. While some were classified as employees of Chevron, many of these workers were classified as independent contractors

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