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Bounced payroll checks are bad enough. Distributing worthless checks is a denial of a worker’s right to their wages and can easily land an employer in hot water. But for three related New Orleans construction companies, the payroll issue uncovered a much more widespread problem of misclassifying employees as independent contractors. This, in turn, led to significant liability for minimum wage and overtime violations.

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One Problem Leads to Another

Initially, GM GS Restoration Technology LLC, a construction business in Louisiana, was found to have missed payroll by giving bad checks to its workers. This is a violation of the minimum wage requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Further investigation, however, revealed that the company misclassified nearly 150 construction workers as independent contractors. These misclassified workers were paid straight time (instead of time and a half) for overtime hours worked.

The investigation was then expanded and found that the owner of GM GS Restoration Technology LLC, along with his brother, operated two other construction companies. Both of these businesses shared responsibilities, payroll, and workers, and had a common business purpose. The three businesses were therefore treated as related.

These related companies were found to have systemic overtime law violations, stemming from the employer’s decision to misclassify its employees as independent contractors. Over 650 additional construction workers were paid straight time for hours over 40 during a work week, rather than time and a half as required by overtime laws.

All told, 809 workers were harmed by these three construction businesses. The result was $229,665 in minimum and overtime wages being recovered for those workers.

Misclassification Is a Serious Problem

Employers who improperly label their employees as “independent contractors” do so to evade the law’s requirement of minimum and overtime wages (plus other benefits). This is a major issue for a number of industries, especially construction. In 2021, the DOL recovered more than $36 million in back wages for over 21,000 construction workers.

The issue of employee versus independent contractor isn’t new. And every case of alleged misclassification must be evaluated on its individual facts. When a court considers whether an employer has misclassified an employee, it will generally take a look at such factors as:

  • Whether (and to what degree) the employer controls the work that is done
  • Whether (and to what degree) certain aspects of the worker’s job, such as the provision of tools and supplies, are controlled by the employer
  • The relationship between the employer and the worker, as evidenced by any contract, benefits, etc.

The Department of Labor works to enforce minimum wage and overtime laws, but the government cannot police every violation. This is where having your own private experienced legal counsel (working on a contingent fee basis) can benefit workers who have been wronged by their employers.

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