When employees are not completely relieved of duty during a meal break, employers must pay for interrupted breaks as work time. Federal labor laws do not require meal or rest breaks, however, state labor laws may. Bona fide meal periods typically last at least 30 minutes, are not considered work time, and are not included
A recent case against a major insurance company which was pending in California, has resulted in a determination that special investigators, who were paid a salary and no additional overtime pay, are not exempt from receiving overtime pay under state or federal law. This means that these workers are entitled to overtime pay for hours
A recent case against an urgent care facility in Texas has resulted in a determination that nurse practitioners were not medical professionals and are not exempt from FLSA overtime rules, unless they received a salary rather than hourly pay. Because the undisputed evidence established that they were hourly employees, these nurse practitioners were entitled to
According to a study of over 3 million workers that compared data from before and after Covid-19 lockdowns, workdays are 48.5 minutes longer, the number of meetings has increased and workers send more emails per day. It’s almost as if WFH means work 24 hoursAs the pandemic and resulting work from home continue, we are increasingly
Workers with the title of “Assistant Manager” frequently, and rightly, ask if their job duties make them exempt from the overtime pay laws, and thus not entitled to overtime pay. Misclassification of Assistant Managers as exempt instead of non-exempt employees has been a long-running issue across almost all types of industries, and the basis of
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