What is worse than having to pay double the back overtime wages owed to an employee plus their attorneys’ fees and costs? If you are an employer who has deprived a large group of employees of the overtime pay they were owed, it’s much worse to be stuck in a case that may force you
The Colorado Department of Labor has resolved any doubt as to the answer to the common question (asked by both workers and employment law attorneys in Colorado): Can an employee be forced to forfeit their unused vacation time? The answer is No…even if there is a signed agreement that says otherwise. While Colorado labor laws
Employers benefit from being able to classify certain workers as exempt “computer professionals.” As an exempt worker under California wage laws, computer professionals are not required to be paid a premium for overtime hours worked. However, the worker must meet certain requirements to qualify for this California overtime law exemption.First and foremost is the pay
After losing at two court levels on its argument that Colorado cannabis industry workers were not entitled to overtime pay because the business is illegal under federal law, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that it will not give the employer a third bite at the apple. The Supreme Court’s denial of review means that
A recent California settlement on behalf of hourly-paid Store Managers, Assistant Managers and Associates illustrates an important point that workers should be reminded of – job titles and duties are not the only things that determine which employees are entitled to overtime pay and other labor law protections. The other critical element is pay. Specifically,
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