As illustrated by a recent case in which a non-destructive testing contractor paid almost $500,000 in back overtime wages to over 400 employees, the improper classification of wages as per diem payments has been a long running problem for workers in many industries and is yet another form of wage theft. The employer – which
If you are a salaried employee in California, New York or Maine who is treated as exempt from the overtime pay requirements [i.e. you do not get paid overtime], you should make sure that your salary actually meets the minimum amount required by state law to qualify for the exemption to the overtime rules. If
COVID-19:  For questions on the use of vacation leave during the COVID-19 crisis, see this page for general information and the latest legislative updates.*If you have been impacted by closures, pay changes, layoffs, etc, NOW is the time to find out if you may be owed more money for work you have already done –
The Colorado Wage Order is the state minimum wage and overtime law. There are several types of employees that are not subject to the Wage Order. These “exempt” employees include: salaried executive/supervisor, administrative, and professional employees outside sales employees elected officials and members of their staff companions, casual babysitters, and domestic employees employed by households
With the continued drop in oil prices and drilling activity, an increasing number of energy related employers have been engaging in “cost reduction” efforts, including job cuts and layoffs. The near-term outlook doesn’t look much brighter with new job postings for operators, field technicians, inspectors, pumpers, roustabouts and similar jobs down and top executives noting
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