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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is scheduled to issue proposed regulations in March 2018 that will increase the minimum salary level required to qualify an employee as “exempt” from Pennsylvania’s labor laws on overtime pay.  It is also expected to provide clarification as to the job duties and responsibilities required for overtime pay
Good news about overtime may be on the horizon for home health workers in the United States. Currently, the Fair Labor Standards Act’s “companionship exemption” excludes overtime for home health workers, but several states provide overtime provisions, regardless. Additionally, a labor law change is under review as of December 2011 that would entitle nearly 1.8
The Cost of Mandatory Overtime: Too High? Several states have undertaken to correct what many feel is a serious omission in the national Fair Labor Standards Act—a total lack of legal limitations on mandatory overtime, particularly in professions which can inadvertently cause harm to others when fatigued such as nurses or truck drivers. Unlimited forced
California exempt employees are workers who meet California’s strict requirements for exempt employees, which means that they are not eligible for overtime pay under either the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or under California legislation. Because California’s labor laws are among the toughest in the nation, exempt employees must meet several requirements. They are
The most protective overtime laws in the U.S. are the California labor overtime laws, which were passed by the legislature to protect California workers from employers who either misclassify them as being exempt or not eligible for overtime pay, or who willfully misinform their employees in order to avoid paying them for overtime work. Severe
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