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With the new year well underway, several states have enacted legislation that will raise the minimum wage either in January or later in 2023. Workers in over two dozen states, plus the District of Columbia, will see their paychecks increase. If you live in one of these areas, it’s important that you understand how much hourly pay you are entitled to. And if you are not being paid what the law requires, it’s time to reach out to The Lore Law Firm.

States Are Taking the Initiative on Workers’ Minimum Wage Rights

Since 2009, the federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25/hour. Recognizing that this rate simply does not afford the average worker a living wage, states (and many municipalities) are taking it upon themselves to raise the minimum wage for their employees. The federal minimum wage is the lowest rate that all American workers can legally be paid, but state and local governments are free to require a higher rate. Whenever there is a difference between the federal minimum wage and that set by a state or locality, the rate that is more generous to the worker will apply.

These are the states raising their minimum wage rates this year, with the effective date of the increase:

Alaska$10.34$10.851 January 2023
Arizona$12.80$13.851 January 2023
California$15.00$15.501 January 2023
Colorado$12.56$13.651 January 2023
Connecticut$14.00$15.001 June 2023
Delaware$10.50$11.751 January 2023
Florida$11.00$12.0030 September 2023
Illinois$12.00$13.001 January 2023
Maine$12.75$13.801 January 2023
Maryland$12.50$13.251 January 2023
Massachusetts$14.25$15.001 January 2023
Michigan$9.87See below1 January 2023
Minnesota$10.33$10.591 January 2023
Missouri$11.15$12.001 January 2023
Montana$9.20$9.951 January 2023
Nebraska$9.00$10.501 January 2023
Nevada$10.50$12.001 January 2023
New Jersey$13.00$14.131 January 2023
New Mexico$11.50$12.001 January 2023
New York (NYC, LI, W/Upstate)$15.00/13.20$15.00/14.2031 December 2022
Ohio$9.30$10.101 January 2023
Oregon$13.50N/A1 July 2023
Rhode Island$12.25$13.001 January 2023
South Dakota$9.95$10.801 January 2023
Vermont$12.55$13.181 January 2023
Virginia$11.00$12.001 January 2023
Washington$14.49$15.741 January 2023

Michigan’s situation is complicated. The state’s minimum wage is $10.10/hour, but a court appeal is pending that challenges the constitutionality of the increase. The outcome could result in the minimum wage being raised to $13.03/hour later in 2023. Tipped employees could see an increase to $11.73/hour (currently, it is $3.84/hour).

The Oregon minimum wage is $13.50/hour. Starting on July 1, 2023, the state minimum wage will be indexed to inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In Portland Metro, the rate will be $1.25/hour higher than the CPI rate; in non-urban counties, it will be $1.00/hour less.

As of July 1, 2022, the minimum wage in Washington, D.C. is $16.10/hour for hourly wage earners and $5.35 for tipped employees. A recently approved ballot measure will phase out the tip credit by 2027. This will require tipped workers to be paid the required minimum wage.

Do You Have Questions About Your State’s Minimum Wage? We Have Answers

It’s important to remember that the minimum wage is not only higher than the federal rate in many states but also in many cities. Our national network of attorneys stands up for the rights of minimum wage workers throughout the country. If you have questions about the minimum wage or you believe you aren’t being paid the rate you’re entitled to, The Lore Law Firm can help. Fill out our free client intake form today.

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