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Michael D. Lore is an experienced Houston overtime lawyer dedicated to helping workers whose employers fail to pay them unpaid wages and overtime pay as required under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  If you feel you have been denied overtime pay, contact an overtime lawyer at the Lore Law Firm.  They are available to answer any questions you may have, and will determine whether or not you and your co-workers have a case.

Lawsuits for overtime pay are occurring more today than any other time in history, and several factors are responsible for this.

  1. The bad economy is making everyone take a second look at how much money they bring home.
  2. Employers are cutting corners, trying to eke out as much as they can from their employees, due to the recent recession in our economy.
  3. FLSA laws are complex and make it difficult for employers to comply if they do not stay on top of the changing federal and state laws.
  4. Overtime law suits are becoming more common, making more people aware of these issues in the workplace, and many other workers are following suit.

Why Are Overtime Lawsuits Popular Right Now?


Overtime lawsuits are gaining speed for several reasons.  Unfortunately, this is not our grandparents’ economy.  We are in a place, economically, that is affecting the way we, as a working population, are calculating where every dollars goes.  People are more conscious than ever of just how much money they are taking home verses the amount of work they do for that dollar.

Deceptive Employers

On the other side of the coin are the employers.  Some employers have either (a) deceptively misclassified workers as “exempt” from overtime pay when they are in fact entitled to it in an effort to save money for their business, or (b) they have not taken the time to fully study and follow the ever changing complex FLSA laws governing overtime pay.


Sadly, it is common for employers to misclassify their workers as exempt employees as exempt from overtime pay by making them salaried employees, requiring far more than 40 hours a week from them, just to save money.  It is also common for employers to misclassify workers as managerial employees (often assistant manager) in order to be salaried, although no managerial duties are actually performed.  These are only a few examples how employers are getting around the FLSA law.

It is your legal right to be paid correctly under FLSA guidelines, and just because an employer does not know the law, does not mean they are free from legal consequences.


Why Get an Overtime Lawyer?

An overtime lawyer that understands the dynamics of employment law and the most current court rulings in employment law cases will fight for your rights and get you the pay that you have worked so hard to earn. An overtime lawyer understands the dynamics of employment law better than anyone. They stay abreast on current court rulings happening everyday across the country protecting the rights of workers, and will use these rulings to your advantage and help you get the money that you deserve.

An overtime lawyer handles many different kinds of wage claims:

  • Withheld Overtime Pay
  • Unpaid Salaries
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Failure to Pay Minimum Wage
  • Wage and Hour Claims due to Misclassification of Employees
  • Misclassifications of Managerial Employees
  • Misclassifications of Professional, Executive, and Administrative Employees
  • Exemptions from Overtime
  • Salaried Workers’ Entitlement to Overtime Pay

Contact the Lore Law Firm for an experienced overtime attorney today if you feel that you and your co-workers’ rights have been violated.  There are many different factors used to determine whether or not your employer owes you back overtime.  Overtime laws vary from state to state as well, and are constantly changing.  There are important time limits that apply to a potential overtime claim, so act promptly to insure your rights are protected.

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